Monday, 29 December 2014

Happy New Year and a Thank You!

Just wanted to say a bit THANK YOU to all my followers and customers for an amazing year! I really appreciate your continued support - it means so much <3

As a little thank you, I have made a 40% discount coupon code for use in my shop on all items :) Simply enter the code HappyNY2015 at checkout, before 10th January 2015 to receive your discount <3

And have a Happy New Year! Hope 2015 will be everything you want it to be <3

Monday, 1 September 2014

Human Sized Punky Monkey!

I have just completed and listed my first ever human sized Punky Monkey hat!

I'm really happy with how it turned out - I hope to make some more in different colours for the upcoming BCUK in Brighton this year :)

I have also listed 2 other hats: a Sparkly Blue Slouchy Beanie and a Rainbow Super Slouchy Beanie...

All hats are available now, over at my general crochet Etsy shop, EssHaych 

Hope you like! <3

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Halloween at Eriko's Emporium

Things have gone a bit spooky over at Eriko’s Emporium on Etsy!

Just listed all these items, plus some non-scary stuff over at my shop. The Baby Fangster Hat is Limited Edition - I will only be making one of these hats available in my shop this year, so if you like it please act fast - once it's gone it's gone :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

Saturday, 23 August 2014

FREE PATTERN: Dal/Byul Basic Earflap Hat

This week I thought I'd share my pattern for my Basic Earflap Hat, in Dal/Byul size :)

This size hat is very similar to the Neo Blythe version, except for a few less rows and a smaller hook. But it's generally the same maximum no. of stitches round in the end round, etc :)

Like with all my patterns - I don't mind if you sell hats made using them. The way I see it is you're the one sitting there and making the actual item, and I just provide the instructions. I would however be very grateful for a shout out if you do sell hats on Etsy and places. Also, please don't copy other peoples designs - it's not cool and is upsetting to the designer - I've had it happen with my Punky Monkey hats before and it's not nice to see :(

Okie doke, I hope enjoy the pattern! <3

You Will Need:

  • Crochet Hook (I used 4mm, G)
  • Double Knit Yarn
  • Yarn/Embroidery Needle

  • Ch - Chain Stitch
  • Sc - Single Crochet
  • Inc (Increase) - 2 Sc in 1 St
  • Dec (Decrease) - 1 Sc over 2 Sts

  • 10 DC and 4 rows = 2’’ square approx.

Finished Size
  • With correct gauge, finished hat measures approx. 12’’ around.

Other Info
  • I write my patterns in American terms, so Sc means Single Crochet; Dc means Double Crochet etc. 
  • The number at the end of each round is the number of stitches you should now have.  
  • Please follow the gauge and adjust yarn and hook size if needed. Incorrect gauge will result in hat being a considerably different size to that stated.


1. Ch 2, Sc 6 into 2nd Ch from hook, or Magic Ring 6 (6)
2. Inc around (12)
3. *Sc, Inc* around (18)
4. *Sc 2, Inc* around (24)
5. *Sc 3, Inc* around (30)
6. *Sc 4, Inc* around (36)
7. *Sc 5, Inc* around (42)
8-9. Sc around (42)
10. *Sc 20, Inc* around (44)
11-12. Sc around (44)
13. *Sc 21, Inc* around (46)
14-15. Sc around (46)
16. *Sc 22, Inc* around (48)
17-18. Sc around (48). Ch1, turn.
19. Sc 30 (30) Ch1, turn.
20. *Sc 2, Dec*, Sc 1 across (23) Ch1, turn.
Earflap 1 (Right)
21. Sc 6 (6). Ch1, turn.
22. Sc 1, Dec, Dec, Sc 1 (4). Ch1, turn.
23. Sc 4 (4). Ch1, turn.
24. Dec x 2 (2)
*Finish Off, Sew in tail*

Earflap 2 (Left)

Attach yarn 6 Sts in from the opposite edge of the hat (You will be working on the ‘wrong’ side of the hat in the first row)

1. Sc 6 (6). Ch1, turn.
2. Sc 1, Dec, Dec, Sc 1 (4). Ch1, turn.
3. Sc 4 (4). Ch1, turn.
4. Dec x 2 (2)
*Finish Off, Sew in tail*


  • Single Crochet around the whole hat, once. Finish off and sew in all ends
  • Cut 12 lengths of yarn, approx. 9’’ long, and thread half of them, 2 at a time, in half through the bottom of each earflap to make the cords. You should have 12 strands on each earflap to braid.
  • Decorate - Have fun!!

Enjoy! :D

Friday, 22 August 2014

Dal Hats

Just an update - all these Dal hats still available in my Etsy Shop!

I didn't realise I had so many backed up! I love making Dal hats - they are simpler than Neo hats and have a nice rounded shape - easier on the hands hehe :) 

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

BCUK Update

This is the first batch of hats (and a dress set!) I've made for BCUK 2014 in Brighton later this year :)

I hope to have many more hats and bits made up by October, including some new items not available in my Etsy shop, including some 'human' stuff too hehe!

If you are in the Brighton area at the start of October, or indeed the UK, please come and visit me and all the other vendors at BlytheCon UK! I've been keeping a close eye on how things are going with the convention preparation and it is gearing up to be a great day - with vendors, activities, workshops, competitions, a charity raffle and much more. Plus it's in Brighton, which is an amazing town in itself :)

For more info and to book your ticket, please visit the Official BlytheCon UK Website 

Hope to see you there!