Sunday, 24 November 2013

Etsy Faves on Sunday

My favourite Blythe related items from the past week :D

(Not my pics, Please see below)

1. Turkey Thanksgiving Hat by DesignByByn 2. OOAK Annelies Frank Tribute Blythe by Ophelia Queen 3. Mickey and Mallory Knox Dress and Sock Set by Sugarblocks 4. Rainbow with Cloud Earmuffs by SugarSnapDragon 5. Custom Listing for DelCTransit by Pinkkis 6. Colourful Backpack POW by LouDolls 7. Blythe Hoddie by miema4dolls 8. Penguinbabydoll Handmade Helmet Penguinbabydoll 9. Lati Yellow/Pukifee Mini Leather Rabbit by YlangGarden

Monday, 18 November 2013

New Etsy Items

I listed some new hats at the weekend - 2 Baby Fangsters and a Punky Monkey…

The bottom Baby Fangster has been claimed, but the other 2 are still available. I hope you like them!

In other news I'm in the middle of making a large batch of hats ready for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. I will have them listed by Friday 29th, all at 20% off the original price. I'll post more nearer the time :)

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Free Pattern: Fuzzy Bear Hat

This free pattern is for the Blythe owners out there, or for anyone else that wants a little hat! I think it is a bit too small for a baby, but if you used a bigger than stated hook and thicker yarn it might do :)

I call it the Fuzzy Bear Hat because I have fuzzed it up abit. Because I use Acrylic yarn I can't felt the finished pieces, but I still wanted this hat to be a bit scruffy. So I took a stiff, cheapo toothbrush and 'scrubbed' at the hat, and it made it slightly fuzzy! Weeee!!

It's mega easy to make - it only took me 3 hours to make and design it, plus Zoe loves it! I hope your girl will too!

Have fun!

Fuzzy Bear HatYou Will Need:· Crochet Hook (I used 3.75mm, F)
· Double Knit/ Sport Weight/ Light Worsted Weight Yarn in 2 colours
· Stitch Markers Or Piece Of Scrap Yarn
· Curved Needle or Yarn Needle
· 2 Buttons
Abbreviations· St/Sts – Stitch/Stitches
· Ch - Chain Stitch
· Sc - Single Crochet
· Slst - Slip Stitch

· Inc (Increase) - 2 Sc into 1 St
· ** - Marks a group of stitches to be repeated until the round is completed
GaugeNo gauge, just keep your stitches nice and tight to avoid gaps in your workFinished SizeMade to fit all Neo BlythesOther Info· Work in continuous rounds; in a spiral, unless otherwise stated. Don’t join at the end of a row; just keep going
· Use stitch markers or a piece of scrap yarn to mark the start of every round. Replace at the start of the next round as you go along. This will help you keep track of where you started, and saves a lot of time if things go wrong!
· I write my patterns in American terms, so Sc means Single Crochet; Dc means Double Crochet etc
· The number at the end of each round is the number of stitches you should now have
· Using a thicker yarn than DK/bigger hook than 3.75mm (F) will result in the toy being a considerably different size to that shown.
Fuzzy Bear HatIn Colour 11. Ch 2, Sc 8 into 2nd Ch from hook, or Magic Ring 8 (8)
2. Inc around (16)
3. *Sc, Inc* around (24)
4. *Sc 2, Inc* around (32)
5. *Sc 3, Inc* around (40)
6. Sc around (40)
7. *Sc 4, Inc* around (48)
8-9. Sc around (48)
10. *Sc 5, Inc* around (56)
11-20. Sc around (56)
*Start 1st Earflap*21-22. Sc 8. Ch 1, Turn (8)
23. Dec, Sc 4, Dec,. Ch 1, Turn (6)
24. Sc 6. Ch 1, Turn (6)
25. Dec, Sc 2, Dec. Ch 1, Turn (4)
26. Sc 4. Ch 1, turn (4)
27. *Dec* 2 times. Ch 1, Turn (2)
28. Sc 2 (2)
*Finish Off, Weave In End*From the right side of the earflap you have just made (hat the right way up), count back 23 Sc. This will be the front of the hat.

Attach Colour 1 with a SlSt to 24th Sc, and…
*Start 2nd Earflap*21-22. Sc 8. Ch 1, Turn (8)
23. Dec, Sc 4, Dec,. Ch 1, Turn (6)
24. Sc 6. Ch 1, Turn (6)
25. Dec, Sc 2, Dec. Ch 1, Turn (4)
26. Sc 4. Ch 1, turn (4)
27. *Dec* 2 times. Ch 1, Turn (2)
28. Sc 2 (2)
*Finish Off, Weave In End*EarsMake 2In Colour 2
1. Ch 2, Sc 6 in 2nd Ch from hook, or Magic Ring 6 (6)
2. Inc around (12)
Change To Colour 13. Sc around (12)
4. *Sc, Inc* around (18)
5-6. Sc around (18)
7. *Sc, Dec* around (12)
8. Sc around (12)
9. Dec around (6)
*Finish Off, Leave Long Tail For Sewing*BoarderIn Colour 2Attach anywhere on the hat edge with a Slst, and Sc around the entire hat twice. Finish Off and weave in ends.Assembly. Take an ear, and fold it in on itself so it makes a half sphere/cone shape. Thread the tail from the ‘back’ of the ear through the bottom edge, so that the tail is at the ‘front’ of the ear, and sew to the hat. Repeat with 2nd ear.
. Sew 2 buttons to front of the hat.

Earflap Ties
In Colour 2Cut 12 lengths of yarn, each around 50 cm’s long. With a yarn needle, thread 6 lengths onto the bottom of each earflap, so that each length is doubled over (12 shorter lengths in total on each earflap).

Braid the yarn until the length required. I cut mine off at knee level. Tie in a secure knot and trim excess.
I hope you enjoyed the pattern! If you have any problems with it just comment below and I'll get back to you asap 


*Pattern originally published at EssHaych Crochet Blog*

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Monster Listing Day!

I was bored today so had a look through my stuff and found all my unsold/unlisted/unloved hats and decided to make a monster listing spree on Etsy :P

All these hats (and mini octopi!) are, or will be, available in my shop today or tomorrow.

Hope you like them!

New Baby Fangster and Punky Monkey Hats

One Off Hats

Slouchy Hats from BCUK

Mini Octopus Friend

NEW! Ditzy Dino Hat

Facebook Page Now Up

I bit the bullet and made a Facebook page for my shop :P

Eriko's Emporium on Facebook

Feel free to pop by if you can - every Like is appreciated! <3

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Etsy Faves on Sunday

Some of my favourite Blythe related items this week on Etsy <3

(Not My Pics)

1. Sterling Silver Blythe Ring Necklace by Livewire 2. Little Marinerita Octopus Twin by Roguedolls 3. Nettle A Day In The Life Magazine by oOlittlepebbleOo 4. Pastel Unicorn Hat by SandraOhh 5. Fynn Sweater by mimundoblythe 6. OOAK Petite Blythe Ruby Rainbow by littledear 7. Inspired Jason Halloween Blythe Mask by Suitdrimsconcepts 8. MINT Panda Sweater for Neo Blythe by Mitilene 9. Wubba Chikin Panties for Blythe Doll by Blythe Happy

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Blythe Carry Bag - Nearly Complete

Last night I had a major sewing binge and got most of my Blythe carry bag finished :) Here it is up to last night, modelled by Janie :P

I'm mostly happy with it, though the bit that's annoying me is the ends of the crocheted outer shell. They 'bulge out', and make the bag way to long for the doll, at least another 4 inches over all. 

I think I'm going to get round this by adding a strong board disc to the inside of either end of the bag. I will place a few stitched in the ends to hold the board in place, and hope that that will solve the problem :)

I'm still going to complete this bag - all I'm waiting on is some bag findings for the detachable longer strap, which are coming from China via Ebay :)

I'll keep you posted!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Travelling Val Goes To London

I'm lucky enough to have Val with me at the moment - Biz's Travelling Blythe! We've been on a few trips so far, and on Wednesday we went up to London for the day to do some sightseeing and shopping :)

We went to lots of places, including Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, The London Eye, Camden and Camden Market and lots of kawaii shops round the Covent Garden and Leicester Square area. We also treated ourselves to a McDonalds hehe!

Here are a few pics from our trip :)

If you would like to see more pics from our trip, and also from Val's travels around the world, please visit her Flickr group here :)

Thursday, 31 October 2013

In The Works

I'm currently working on a carry bag for Neo Blythe. I've worked on a few bags before but never seemed to stick to them. I hope this one will be different :)

This is my progress so far...

It is a kind of mini duffel bag, with a crocheted outer layer and a quilted inner layer. It will have 2 small handles along with a main, detachable longer handle.

If all goes well and I can make it look half decent (lol!) I hope to be able to offer them in my Etsy shop around the end of the year. This one is just a prototype though, but I like the way it's turning out :)

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Hello and Welcome!

Hi! I'm Sarah - aka EssHaych *waves!* I am an avid crafter and Blythe collector, and love creating for my girls. I mainly crochet, but have been known to sew on occasion :P

I started an Etsy shop earlier this year called Eriko's Emporium, where I sell my handmade Blythe bits - including Punky Monkey and Baby Fangster earflap helmets...

I love making kawaii and crazy items, and am always looking for new things to add to my shop.

Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog; I'll aim to update at least a couple of times a week with updates on items in my shop, my W.I.P's, fave Blythe stuff from around the net and other random stuff :)

Take care!