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FREE PATTERN: Middie Basic Earflap Hat


Apologies for not being about much - I've definitely been creating but unfortunately not blogging as much as I should be :(

To make up for it I have a free pattern for you! I have a few patterns out there for Neo Blythe, but so far not for poor Middie. So here you are :)

It's my Basic Earflap Hat in little Middie size - the pattern I use to make my Baby Fangster and Punky Monkey hats. It's pretty simple to follow - only the very basic of crochet knowledge is needed. In the pattern I use a 4mm crochet hook and DK yarn. You could use thin worsted or thick sport weight too I think - have a play and work with the gauge - see what works best for you :)

The hat has a lower back edge than front, and it also decreases in to hug the back of the head, like this: 

Directions on how to do this are all in the pattern below :)

Like with all my patterns - I don't mind if you sell hats made using them. The way I see it is you're the one sitting there and making the actual item, and I just provide the instructions. I would however be very grateful for a shout out if you do sell hats on Etsy and places. Also, please don't copy other peoples designs - it's not cool and is upsetting to the designer - I've had it happen with my Punky Monkey hats before and it's not nice to see :(

So without further ado, here's the pattern. I hope you enjoy it! Andyquestions please feel free to leave a comment below :)

Basic Earflap Hat for Middie Blythe

You Will Need

  • Crochet Hook (I used 4mm, G)
  • Double Knit Yarn
  • Yarn/Embroidery Needle


  • Ch - Chain Stitch
  • Sc - Single Crochet
  • Dec (Decrease) - 1 Sc over 2 Sts


  • 11Dc and 5 Rows = 2’’ square approx.

Finished Size

  • With correct gauge, finished hat measures approx. 8’’ around.


  • I write my patterns in American terms, so Sc means Single Crochet; Dc means Double Crochet etc. 
  • The number at the end of each round is the number of stitches you should now have  
  • Using a thicker yarn than DK/bigger hook than 4.5mm (7) will result in the hat being a considerably different size to that shown. Please follow the gauge.

1. Ch 2, Sc 6 into 2nd Ch from hook, or Magic Ring 6 (6)

2. Inc around (12)
3. *Sc, Inc* around (18)
4. *Sc 2, Inc* around (24)
5. *Sc 3, Inc* around (30)
6. *Sc 4, Inc* around (36)
7-9. Sc around (36)
10. *Sc 17, Inc* around (38)
11-14. Sc around (38) Ch1, turn.
15. Sc 23 (23) Ch1, turn.
16. *Sc 2, Dec* x 5, Sc 3 across (18) Ch1, turn.
17. Sc 4 (4). Ch1, turn.
18. Sc 4 (4). Ch1, turn.
19. Dec x 2 (2)
*Finish Off, Sew in all ends*

Second Earflap

Attach yarn, 4 Sc in from the opposite side of the hat that you’ve just crocheted (You'll be making the first row on the 'wrong side' of the hat)
1. Sc 4 (4). Ch1, turn
2. Sc 4 (4). Ch1, turn
3. Dec x 2 (2)
*Finish Off, Sew in tail*


  • Sc around the entire hat brim. Finish off and sew in all ends
  • Cut 12 lengths of yarn, approx. 19’’ long, and thread half of them, 2 at a time, in half through the bottom of each earflap to make the cords. You should have 12 strands on each earflap to plait.
  • Decorate - Have fun!!

I hope you enjoyed the pattern <3

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