Wednesday, 23 April 2014


I caved in and ordered a Yellow Marshmallow! Isn't she cute?!

I said I'd never buy another Takara again, what with being disappointed with the recent quality control issues. I got andAyanami Rei (my Noriko) and her hair was just, well, look...


And to tell you the truth, after a lot of conditioning treatments she's not that much better. So I said I wouldn't get another Takara again.

But then I saw this little cutie and I couldn't resist lol I love everything about her - her hair colour and cut, that hoodie, the boots, her eye colour - everything!

She is a gift to myself, for when I complete my craft room. It's under construction at the moment, and involves ALOT of clearing out of old bits and pieces, which I find hard to let go of as I'm a hoarder. But I now how I MUST finish it if I am to get my hands on this sweetie!


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